The Hero’s Quest 3-Act Story System

Business premise

Rooting your business strategy, values, and mission in story is insurance against operational money wasted on unaligned advertising, websites, marketing, sales collateral, social media, events, and focus groups. Your story is the critical prerequisite to effective communications in a competitive and complex marketplace.

I work with:

CEOs, Executives, Executive Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Program Directors, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Higher Education Presidents, Deans, and Department Heads, in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

Business Focus:

  • Story Alignment (Brand Building, Business Strategy, and Culture)
  • Internal and External Messaging for sales, marketing, recruiting, pitching, and investor and funder relations
  • Story Activation, Staging, and Performance across a variety of media

Services provided include:

  • Story Audits, Consulting, and Creation 
  • Brand & Business Strategy Alignment
  • Vision Clarity
  • Messaging Themes
  • Stakeholder Talking Points

Delivered in the form of: Engagements, projects, workshops, retreats, and public speaking

  • Residencies: 6-12 weeks
  • Workshops: 3 hours — two days, learning and applying new ideas and strategies 
  • Retreats: Half day — two full days, themed experiences
  • One-on-one: 12-15 hours over 3 or 4 weeks, personalized, customized, and with a specific purpose in mind. Great for people in transition or ready for the next level.

Outcomes include:

A brand story that informs internal and external messaging, provides mission clarity and elevates your value proposition, gets your staff and board on the same page, and one-of-a-kind professional and organizational team building.

  • Businesses attract customers and shorten sales cycles.
  • Missions are elevated and your passion is made real to others.
  • Leaders get buy-in from employees or teams for their visions.
  • Managers weave data into the story of their accomplishments.
  • Professionals pitch their stories forward and move careers to the next level.

In sum, here’s what clarifying your story can do for you:

  • Establish brand parameters
  • Provide message consistency
  • Nurture a culture of shared purpose and values
  • Better qualify talent and board members
  • Attract money, partners, and opportunities with greater ease

Let’s have coffee. Talk to me about what outcomes you want, we’ll customize an engagement to get us there. If you like the direction and process, I’ll send you a follow up proposal based on our conversation.