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Words from Peter Davis

Your story is a three-legged stool

If the seat of the stool is the story about the difference you make in the world, what are its three supporting legs? One would be your higher purpose. What drives you besides making money? Another would be your vision. What does the world look like when you succeed?...

Branding is like gardening.

Branding is like gardening. Find fertile ground, your ground truth, or your higher purpose besides making money. Sometimes you have to amend the soil. In addition to your higher purpose might be a premise or worldview. Plant seeds. This is like your vision of what the...

5 Questions That Matter With Heather Mizeur

Interview by Peter Davis Photograph by Theresa Keil Describe your leadership style. I’m interested in creating a transformational shift in how we interact with each other as people. I modeled that in my Governor’s campaign in a handful of ways. First, was to never be...

There’s Profit in Listening

Contact your most profitable clients and offer to listen to what they have to say about your offerings and your company. From the results you’ll know whether it’s time to repair or nurture the relationship, or if you have the green light to ask for new business.

How I came to brand strategy consulting

Branding is a way of signifying through story, symbols and metaphor, what you believe in and why it matters. It’s a beacon to attract fellow believers to the cause.

5 Questions That Matter with Paul Wolman

5 Questions with Paul Wolman, CEO at Feats Inc., Board Chair of the Greater Baltimore Committee’s LEADERship Program, and Adjunct Faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Make Your Audience the Protagonist of Your Story

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Founder of See Jane Invest, believes that when you tell your story it should be about your vision for the future rather than a recap of past accomplishments.