A multi-step process completed over 6 – 12 weeks, or as your scheduling allows. 

Discovery + Synthesis + Meaning = Emotionally Powerful Story

DISCOVERY involves a deep dive quest to uncover what really matters: ground truths, core beliefs, how things work, what makes them work, and to get at what you’re really selling. This happens during private one-on-one telephone interviews and/or focus groups with leadership and selected stakeholders (staff, peers, clients, boards, faculty, partners, etc.) In addition to interviews and focus groups there are exercises designed to move you out of your comfort zone and look at yourself from different perspectives..

SYNTHESIS is where we find what is irreducible about you and where your lines in the sand are regarding what matters. Generally two 3-hour, live, on-site meetings with the 3-5 executives. This is where 15-30 pages of raw material are reduced to its essence, without losing the poetry of you. Could be a single expression of your higher purpose and/or half a page of prose-like poetry, the acorn that becomes the oak tree called your STORY PLATFORM.

STORY is the best way to deliver the meaning of your HIGHER PURPOSE and what’s in it for the rest of us. Make it true, epic and pitch it forward. We bring in a proposal of the STORY PLATFORM and together iterate until it vibrates with energy and connects with you emotionally. Generally a 2-hour, live on site meeting with the same 3-5 executives present during SYNTHESIS.

At the end of your quest…

Each Engagement wraps up, in a 90-minute meeting, with an executive report/brand platform that comprehensively summarizes of the process and its results. The document provides primary messaging, elevator pitch language, and so forth, to enable the leader and the team to ACTIVATE the outcomes of the process. We will suggest what aspects are best expressed through different media, such as your website, your newsletter, talking points for different audiences, and your elevator speech. 

These outcomes may include: 

  • deeper and more confident message clarity; 
  • alignment of your plans and your actions; better buy-in from investors and funders; 
  • an elevated value proposition that leads to shorter sales and marketing cycles; 
  • an elimination of silos and competing factions within the organization; 
  • and a reignited passion for the cause. 

If you’re a company of one…

For individuals, such as midlife career changers, imminent retirees, or anyone who feels that they need a life re-evaluation, we offer a package of one-on-one meetings to define your purpose and create a roadmap forward.