Working Alongside Nonprofits

Executive Directors often feel overwhelmed due to the lack of resources and funding. You’re afraid of mission fail. While your passion for your cause is real, it’s getting harder to inspire others.

And to make things worse, the board or staff can’t express the mission with any clarity or conviction, much less with any message consistency.

To that end, let’s bring the storyteller’s perspective and techniques to your mission to drive service impact and funding growth.

Classic story structure helps to make your cause and call to action connect with people emotionally. People are moved. They want to play a role, to volunteer, serve on your board, partner with you, fund you, and celebrate your customer’s successes with you.

Nonprofit Consulting

4 Steps
6-10 weeks

Nonprofit engagements may take between 6 and 10 weeks depending on scope and scheduling.

May include up to a dozen participants and, for a few of them, up to 6 hours of their time.

There are 4 steps to the process, and training (board/staff) after the brand story platform has been delivered.

Our Approach



Deep dive into your belief system.


Mine for meaning

Uncover story themes, and elements. Validate belief system.


Write the narrative

Establish your purpose, vision and mission. Articulate how they work together to maximize your impact.

Build your story platform

Build the brand story and messaging platform.

“Peter managed to include all Board, upper-level administrative staff, and other stakeholders in the process of branding our organization. Very creative. Used theater techniques combined with business strategies to work with you to create your own message.

Very hands-on, got to know our organization from different perspectives, and trained our Board. As far from a cookie-cutter approach as I can think of.

Lee Kingham
CEO, Abilities Network

Story is a roadmap that helps staff to align their plans with their actions. No effort or creativity is wasted, and your impact is maximized.

I’m a big fan of shared purpose, the power generates, and the creativity it releases to overcome obstacles to the cause.

My skills lay in making your passion real to others and conducting the engagement in a way that gets buy-in for the mission from diverse stakeholders. Storytelling helps nonprofit leaders attract allies.

– Founder, Peter Davis