Our Reach

Working alongside leaders to develop clear business strategies, values, and missions

Our Quest/Mission is Serving:


Helping nonprofits attract funding, talent, and resources to their missions, so they may serve their constituencies with greater impact.

Mid-Career Professionals

Guiding mid-career professionals to find their center, claim their power, and live their worth, so they may affect positive change and make their mark.

Teams & Organizations

Collaborating with businesses to articulate their why so they may deepen connections with people, ease the creation of new business, and maintain a culture of values and shared purpose.


To what end?

Rooting your business strategy, values, and mission in story is insurance against operational money wasted on unaligned advertising, websites, marketing, sales collateral, social media, events, and focus groups.

Your story is the critical prerequisite to effective communications in a competitive and complex marketplace.

What roles do you work with?

Within the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, I work with

  • CEOs, Executives, Executive Directors,
  • Managers, Team Leaders, Program Directors,
  • Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and
  • Higher Education Presidents, Deans, and Department Heads,
What are the outcomes?

A brand story that informs internal and external messaging, provides mission clarity and elevates your value proposition, gets your staff and board on the same page, and one-of-a-kind professional and organizational team building.

  • Businesses attract customers and shorten sales cycles.
  • Missions are elevated and your passion is made real to others.
  • Leaders get buy-in from employees or teams for their visions.
  • Managers weave data into the story of their accomplishments.
  • Professionals pitch their stories forward and move careers to the next level.

In sum, here’s what clarifying your story can do for you:

  • Establish brand parameters
  • Provide message consistency
  • Nurture a culture of shared purpose and values
  • Better qualify talent and board members
  • Attract money, partners, and opportunities with greater ease

“Peter managed to include all Board, upper-level administrative staff, and other stakeholders in the process of branding our organization. Very creative. Used theater techniques combined with business strategies to work with you to create your own message.

Very hands-on, got to know our organization from different perspectives, and trained our Board. As far from a cookie-cutter approach as I can think of.

Lee Kingham
CEO, Abilities Network