Energizing Business Professionals

Covid has changed everything. The way we do business has changed, and each of us has changed, too. Reexamine and reimagine your purpose in life and feel good about the work you do. Harness your power, affect change, live your worth, and make your mark.

This speaks to me. The unlimited potential purpose-driven people offer individually and as a collective, is needed now, more than ever. When individuals achieve, we all benefit.

– Peter Davis, Founder of Hero’s Quest Consulting

One-on-one consulting

4-6 sessions
60-90 minutes

One-on-one consulting usually takes place in 4 to 6 60-90 minute Zoom sessions, over 5-6 weeks.

Each client’s process is unique. This is a reliable example.

Our Approach


Soul Search

Deep dive into your belief system.


Mine for meaning

Uncover story themes, and elements. Validate belief system.


Write your narrative

Establish your purpose, vision and mission. Articulate how they work together to maximize your impact.

Build brand story platform

Build the brand story and messaging platform.

Rehearse and Revise

And repeat if neccessary!

“After completing the process with Peter, I had a much clearer view of the work I do, as well as the reasons I do it. I would highly encourage businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to reframe or reinvigorate their purpose and identity to get in touch with Peter! He is very thoughtful and insightful, as well as a lot of fun! Working with Peter was, for me, the exact boost I needed to take the next step in my career.”

Nan Roher
President, Midtown Community Benefits District