Developing Your Business’ Voice

Does your team struggle to arrive at a consensus around a) the story of the difference they make to their clients and community, b) what differentiates them from their competition, and c) how to align business, branding, and communications strategies with day to day delivery processes?

Wondering what makes your story interesting to others is smart. There is a context for your story that enhances both the relevance of your mission and the uniqueness of your approach. I offer the perspective that creates the right context for the value you offer, and the storytelling techniques that make your story connect with people emotionally.

– Peter Davis, Founder of Hero’s Quest Consulting

Business & corporate programs

6-10 weeks

Business and corporate programs may take 6-10 weeks depending on scope and scheduling.

Up to 12-15 stakeholders. Some commit 30 minutes, others maybe 3 hours. A Story Team (of 3-5 leaders) commits 7-10 hours.

Our Approach


Story audit or discovery process

Private interviews and/or focus groups

Synthesize outcomes

Find the energy and the passion. Look for bold declarations and contrasts. Identify universal themes.


Craft the narrative of the difference you make.

Make your customer the hero. Make the story an epic. Keep it simple.

Build brand story platform

Build the brand story platform and use it to inform everything: strategy, branding, marketing, sales, recruiting, investor relations, events, and social media.

“Peter helped us unlock a more relevant story and to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. He uncovered themes and elements that formed our new tagline, “Tested and Trusted,” which has been a huge success.”

Tina Lewandowski
Marketing Director, Arthur Bell & Associates
(now Cohen & Company)