Is Heart Or Happiness A Business Strategy

I’ve learned two things during the Great Pause: 1) Heart is the solution to scarcity, and 2) happiness is the path to prosperity.

Working hard, working smart, being consistent, delivering value, are important, sure, but everyone is doing that. It’s hard to differentiate that way. 

“Why?” is the differentiator. That comes from the heart. Being “happy” let’s you overcome obstacles to your mission with endless creative energy. It’s not only productive it’s magnetic. 

What is the story we tell ourselves? What is the story we tell others? Are they aligned?

If you’re not sure, reach out, we’ll figure it out. What you do after that is up to you.

“Staging” your brand story like a Tony Award winning play.

Consider branding as the way a business stages their story. Instead of a literal stage, the organization’s brand story is “staged” on a website, at an event, on a table top at an expo, in the design of an annual report, and so on. 

In theater, when we stage a play we are establishing the world of the play. This accomplishes two things: 1) The world of the play has rules grounded in a belief system and aesthetics. 2) Everything you see, every light, color, sound, prop, and costume is designed to help the actors perform their roles, AND to help the audience fully receive the meaning of the story.

Does your business give enough attention to the world of your brand and how those rules help to connect your performers with your audiences?

If you’re not sure or have questions about the concept, let’s talk.

Your story and your message work together.

While stories give a framework or environment for what you are trying to communicate, messages are clear, specific thoughts on what you are seeking to deliver. 

What makes your story interesting to others is the picture you paint about what the future looks like when you succeed. Your messaging makes it clear what’s in it for the rest of us when you do. To sum up, stories give context while messages provide a conclusion. 

Appropriate messaging is needed to support your storytelling. If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between your story and your messaging, reach out and schedule a 15 minute phone call.