6-12 Week Program

While all engagements are unique and customized, here’s a reliable template.


  • Up to 15 participants in the Story Audit or Discovery Process
  • Up to 3 leaders in the story development process
  • Followed up with story activation on your website and other media
  • And staff elevator pitch training

We will establish:


  • What are you trying to do besides make money?
  • Why does that matter?
  • Does your mission play it safe or sell you short?


You’re already different. We just have to figure it out what that unique characteristic is, and how it works to your customer’s advantage.

  • Are you willing to stand out?


Leading with values attracts like minded souls who actually want to buy from you. Values are the beacon that attracts them.

  • What values or belief guides your decision making?


  • What are the rules of your brand universe?
  • How do you establish and nurture those guidelines?
  • Delivered in the form of a BRAND STORY PLATFORM.

What is a Brand Story?

A brand story that informs internal and external messaging, provides mission clarity and elevates your value proposition, gets your staff and board on the same page, and offers state-of-the art, professional and organizational team building.

  • Businesses attract customers and shorten sales cycles.
  • Missions are elevated and your passion is made real to others.
  • Leaders get buy-in from employees or teams for their visions.
  • Managers weave data into the story of their accomplishments.
  • Professionals pitch their stories forward and move careers to the next level.

In sum , here’s what clarifying your story can do for you:

  • Establish brand parameters
  • Provide message consistency
  • Nurture a culture of shared purpose and values
  • Better qualify talent and board members
  • Attract money, partners, and opportunities with greater ease
“Your approach is a bolt of lightning. You know how to get down to the essence of what’s important.”

Melinda O’Neal
Artistic Director and Conductor, Handel Choir of Baltimore