The Testimonials of Our Heroes & Storytellers

Testimonials from clients

“Peter managed to include all Board, upper-level Administrative staff, and other stakeholders in the process of branding our organization. Very creative. Used theater techniques combined with business strategies to work with you to create your own message. Very hands on, got to know our organization from different perspectives and trained our Board. As far from a cookie cutter approach as I can think of.”

Lee Kingham, CEO, Abilities Network

“Peter helped us unlock a more relevant story and to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace… he uncovered themes and elements that formed our new tagline, “Tested and Trusted,” which has been a huge success.”

Tina Lewandowski, Marketing Director, Cohen & Company

“I was amazed at how much he captured, how he really captured the heart of what we do. The results are AWESOME!!!”

Dick Cook, Executive Director, Social Work Community Outreach Service, University of Maryland, School of Social Work

“Peter is an incredibly dynamic and versatile leader… an awesome magician!”

Heather Bradbury, Manager, Master of Professional Studies Programs, School for Professional and Continuing Studies, Maryland Institute College of Art

“I have no idea how he did it, but he was able to pull the very core of my business idea out of me and I thank him for that.”

Alla Proskuryakova, MICA Business Art & Design Grad Student

“Through Peter’s brave and ‘tough love’ I understand so much more of what I have really created and who I am in it. His work is invaluable. It is great to be brave with him.”

Mara Neimanis, In-Flight Theater

“He turned us on to our brand story so furiously that we doubled the volume of business in one year.”

Adrian Danzig, Artistic Director, 500 Clown, Chicago, IL

“We all came away with a better sense of what Knox stands for and what makes our institution distinctive. I would encourage any independent college to take a close look at Peter Davis’ process.”

Roger Taylor, President, Knox College, IL

“Peter’s unique method of developing the institutional story created the backbone for presetting the new vision of the college in a compelling way to prospective donors.”

Gerald Wood, President, Defiance College, OH

“Your work with us was a home run. You’ve given us a road map that will have a huge impact on our organization.”

Peter Bruun, Artistic Director, Art on Purpose, Baltimore

“Your approach is a bolt of lightning. You know how to get down to the essence of what’s important.”

Melinda O’Neal, Artistic Director and Conductor, Handel Choir of Baltimore

“Peter helped us move forward. We were able to develop a specific, clear narrative for our previously complicated brand story.”

Brendan Regan, Director of Public Relations, Single Carrot Theatre, Baltimore