Branding is about the law of attraction. Modern branding harnesses the power of story to attract your most profitable customer. Your story is like a beacon that helps people who want to buy from you, work for you, and invest in you find you in a noisy cluttered marketplace.

What’s in it for you?

Your executives, managers and employees make decisions more strategically and do business more efficiently.

There is unity between your vision and strategy. Marketing and sales are in alignment instead of being at odds with each other. Your story has integrity and rings true. You have message impact and consistency across channels.

Your sales are more profitable, your customers more loyal, and employees more committed to your cause.

Why story?

It’s the one thing you own that your competition can’t replicate. It is the most compelling way to explain your value, difference and relevance.

Why Peter Davis Branding?

I’m the only brand strategist who is a playwright and director. I know how stories connect with people down deep where they make critical decisions… emotionally. I’ll work with you to make your story a compelling and powerful force so that you can make the difference you were put on earth for.