Make Your Audience the Protagonist of Your Story

Stanford Study Suggests Potential More Crucial than Experience

by Kelly Keenan Trumbour

A recent study by Stanford Business School reveals that human nature prefers future potential to past accomplishments. In a series of experiments, researchers looked at the evaluation of job candidates and noticed that the applicants who scored well on a test of leadership potential despite not having relevant experience were more likely to get offered a position than those with two years of relevant experience and a high leadership potential score.


Be Like Water

Be Like Water. Solve problems like water does.

Water, when faced with an obstacle, changes direction. When faced with circumstances beyond its control — like heat or cold — water changes form, to steam or ice. Water yields to the problem. Water is both yielding and unstoppable.

Water is life. Life is unfair and unpredictable. Water is always changing itself or what it encounters. Water has the power to change the shape of the Earth. It can be a destructive force or a gentle healer. Water is a source of energy and a mode of transportation. Water can be inspirational, mathematical, physical, mysterious, multi-dimensional, and metaphorical.


Innovate like a playwright. Lead like a director. Peform like an actor.

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